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Life is a series of choices.

These choices add up to who we are. They determine our character. Stand still. Or fall face first into the unknown. Follow conventional wisdom. Or succeed on your own terms. Play it safe. Or cause a stir. Take what you’re handed. Or design a life you love. Go with the flow. Or take the road less boring. Stick to what you know. Or be open to all that this world has to offer.

Live life. Or live La Dolce Vita.

The choices we make as a business and as a brand give us our heart, our soul, our character. They make us who we are today. We were founded on the simple notion that amazing design belongs to all of us.

We believe, as we’ve always believed, that everyone should be able to afford the best. That’s why our prices remain accessible even while each product is handcrafted from our collective passion. The passion for family, friends, life and love. We are Italian, after all.

We’ve been working since day one to import our attitude to the rest of the world. Garcia Jeans was founded as a small company and will remain one forever — no matter how big we get. We see ourselves as a family, always seeking to do good for the world, good for our business, good for our customers and, of course, good for all our partners.

We believe that in the end, character is the only thing you can really trust. To us, character is always looking forward, never back. Character is being open to all that this world has to offer.

Character is having the courage to fall face first into the unknown. Character is never forgetting all the people, places and adventures we experience. Character is being stronger together than we are apart. Character is amazing design at a fair price. Character is bringing delight to everyone who experiences our brand. Character is what makes every day interesting. That’s what makes us who we are.

We seek to live up to the Garcia character with every single product we create. Today. Tomorrow. And everyday

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